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In today’s economy, everyone wants more for less.

That’s why smart businesses are looking for ways to operate more efficiently and to lower costs. And why so many are turning to SIP Trunking.

A SIP Trunking solution allows a business to send all voice traffic over its data network. This way, rather than having two networks to manage (voice and data), there is only a single network that requires less management and lowers costs. Some go further by consolidating their voice network to a single IP PBX that serves all business locations.

In having a single network to manage, companies are able to oversubscribe their network and get the most out of the resources they have to work with.

Multi-site companies that move to a SIP Trunking solution are able to utilize a capability called aggregate trunking. Aggregate trunking is the ability to provide voice services with a single call-control device or IP PBX to all locations that are on a single data network.

We’ll highlight several of the benefits of this solution.

Single IP PBX

In previous phone system deployments, a PBX call-control device would need to sit each customer location. The more locations a business had, the more PBX systems they needed to purchase and maintain. This could turn into a major expense. With SIP Trunking, customers can save by deploying a single IP-enabled PBX that provides voice services for all business locations.

Shared Resource

With aggregate trunking, businesses are able to use the available voice channels as a shared resource.  For example, if a company has locations across the country, their locations on the East Coast are able to utilize resources that the locations on the West Coast are not using due to the three-hour difference in business hours. With previous solutions, voice services were provided at the location level, so each location would have idle capacity that other locations were unable to leverage. Aggregate SIP Trunking saves you money by allowing you to purchase only the resources you need to share throughout the entire business.

Ease of Management

Ease of management is an important driver for many businesses when making decisions around technology. In previous voice system deployments, businesses were required to install and manage a PBX at each of their locations. This setup often required someone to have to go on-site when changes or troubleshooting were required.

In contrast, when deploying an aggregate trunking model, there is only one call-control center or IP PBX required. With aggregate trunking, you are able to manage all users across the business, regardless of their location, from a single host location. This allows for consistency across the organization and limits the number of elements in the network for troubleshooting. Needles to say, management is simplified.

Future-Proofing Your Business

When considering the transition to SIP Trunking, understanding the benefits your business will gain today is important. But so is looking to the future. SIP Trunking is a way to future-proof the technology your company relies on. Once you move to an IP-based system like SIP Trunking, you have more flexibility to layer new and additional technologies onto your network as your company grows or your needs change.

In addition to SIP Trunking, EarthLink Business offers a complete line of business voice solutions to help companies optimize their voice and data networks.

Click here for an EarthLink Business SIP Trunking PDF.

We rigorously test each IP PBX certified to work with EarthLink Business SIP Trunking solutions. For a full list of IP PBXs certified by EarthLink Business, please visit our SIP Trunking Customer Resource Center.

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