Mobile 4G Internet – Connection Troubleshooting

mobile 4G Internet connection troubleshootingIf you’ve been a regular blog reader, you probably know that this past June we launched a new EarthLink 4G Internet On-the-Go service to help you stay fully connected all around town or even around the U.S.

We also followed up with a quick tech tip to show you how easy it is to set up the wireless 4G hotspot and connect by Wi-Fi.

Our mobile 4G service really is convenient, powerful, and simple, but like any kind of technology, sooner or later you’re bound to encounter some issues or errors. Today’s tech tip will help you quickly resolve them if you do.

There are several reasons why you may not be able to pull up the EarthLink 4G Hotspot page in your browser, why you might have low signal strength or even no signal.

There could be a problem with your browser or your computer’s firewall or security software could be blocking access to the hotspot page, but here are our recommended steps for troubleshooting any 4G connection issues:

  1. Try to reposition your 4G hotspot: This is especially important if you are indoors. Try several locations to see if the signal strength improves. Moving close to a window often helps.
  2. Check your 4G hotspot: Make sure that it is powered on and that your laptop, tablet or other device you are using is connected to the hotspot by Wi-Fi.
  3. Verify the 4G hotspot page URL: You should see http://earthlink4g or in your browser’s location bar.
  4. Clear your browser: Clear your browser’s cache, cookies and temporary Internet files. See this Support Center article to learn how to do this.
  5. Disable other connections: If your Wi-Fi device is connected to other devices (with an Ethernet cable, for example) or connected to other networks, disable these connections or remove the cables from your Wi-Fi device.
  6. Disable security software: If you have Internet security or firewall software running on your Wi-Fi device, disable it and see whether that resolves the connection issue. Some firewall software may block access to the 4G hotspot homepage. If this is the issue, please contact the manufacturer of your security software to troubleshoot why it is blocking you from accessing this page.
  7. Reset your 4G hotspot: Don’t worry—it’s easy. Click here to learn how to reset your hotspot.

If you’re one of our wireless 4G Internet subscribers – either 4G On-the-Go or 4G At Home  – let us know how you’re enjoying it by leaving a comment below.

How to Set Up Your EarthLink 4G Internet Hotspot

4G Internet hotspotOur wireless 4G Internet On-the-Go service is powered by a tiny but powerful EarthLink 4G Internet Hotspot that you carry with you to stay fully connected.

The mobile 4G hotspot fits in the palm of your hand (or a jacket pocket or purse) and weighs just 2 oz., but it can provide high-speed Internet for up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.). It’s also very easy to set up and use.

Charging Your 4G Internet Hotspot

When you first get your EarthLink 4G Internet Hotspot it should be partially charged. We recommend that you fully charge the hotspot before you begin. The power light indicates the hotspot’s battery strength: green indicates a full charge; amber is medium; and red means the battery is low. When it’s fully charged, your hotspot should have about a 6-hour battery life.

Connecting by Wi-Fi to Your Hotspot

  1. Press and hold the red power button until you see the lights come on.
  2. When the 4G light stops flashing, your EarthLink 4G Hotspot is ready to connect any Wi-Fi-enabled device to the Internet.  
  3. Open the Wi-Fi/Wireless network settings area on your computer or other device you’re using to connect to the Internet.
  4. Select your Hotspot’s Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and enter the Wi-Fi password when prompted (you’ll find the SSID and a default password on the back of the hotspot).
  5. Open up your browser, email or other apps and enjoy your high-speed wireless EarthLink 4G Internet On-the-Go.

To learn more, see the 4G Wireless Internet pages on our website . We offer both the mobile 4G Internet service described above and a DSL and Cable alternative for high-speed wireless Internet access at home.

And please use the comment box below if you have any questions about 4G hotspot setup or any other aspect of our 4G Internet services.