Network Outages & Your Smartphone

If you’re at home and can’t connect to the Internet, what you want most is really very simple: you want your problem to go away so you can get online.

But it’s also good to know what the problem is. Especially if the problem is a network outage.

What’s a network outage?

Network outages are when there is a problem affecting many people, using a particular type of Internet service, in a defined area. In other words, it’s when the problem you’re having is not just you.

And that’s good to know that right away, because then you won’t waste time trying to fix your computer or troubleshoot your connection problem or even waste your time calling us for support.

So you should remember our Outage Alerts page within the EarthLink Support Center.

And more than just remember it, you should bookmark it.  On your smartphone.

Your smartphone is the best place to bookmark the Outage Alerts page because if you can’t get online at home using your DSL, Cable or Dial-Up Internet access and you want to check the outage page … you won’t be able to check the Outage page … because you can’t get online to do so. It’s an unfortunate catch 22, unless you have another way to get online.

But now your smartphone can come to the rescue.

So, right now, you should open your smartphone’s browser (it might just say Internet on your phone) and enter this web address: 

When the page opens, bookmark it, add it to your favorites, star it, etc. – save it for easy access later however your smartphone browser lets you.

Internet access outages, network outage alerts

The Outage Alerts page is a simple list of our services – Dialup, Cable, DSL, Voice, Web Hosting, Email and EarthLink 4G – and a column showing the current status of the service. Most of the time, as is the case right now, you’ll see All Clear listed for all our services (as you can see in the screenshot above), meaning there are no known network outages.

If there is a known network outage, you’ll see the outage listed in the Status column. You can check back with your smartphone and see when the outage is fixed, and then connect with your home Internet access.

If you see All Clear and you are still unable to connect to the Internet, then the problem is likely something on your end.

We’ve done some previous connection troubleshooting blog posts that can be very helpful and save you time (and aggravation) getting the problem fixed. Most of the time, very quick and easy solutions work to get you back online.

Depending on your access type, try these top 10 dial-up connection solutions, these cable Internet access troubleshooting tips,  these tips for fixing DSL connection problems, and these Wi-Fi home networking troubleshooting tips .

We hope you never need this information. But it’s best to be prepared. Just in case.

Top 10 Dial-Up Connection Solutions

If you’re using Dial-up Internet access to get online, it’s smart to keep a list of troubleshooting tips in case something ever goes wrong.

The good news is that most of the things that do go wrong are very easy to fix. Trust us —we’ve been helping our dial-up Internet members connect more reliably since way back in 1994.

So, if you ever can’t connect to the Internet, the dial-up Internet experts here at EarthLink recommend you try our top 10 dial-up solutions:

  • Top 10 dial-up Internet troubleshooting tipsWait a few minutes (really, that’s all)
    If you were recently connected to the Internet and haven’t changed anything, your dial-up connection may automatically reconnect depending on your configurations. So just give it a few minutes. If your dial-up connection does not recover after several attempts, you should move on to the next suggested solutions.
  • Restart your computer
    Turn off your computer; wait for 30 seconds; then turn it on and try your dial-up connection again. This super-simple solution is often all you need to do.
  • Check your phone line
    Dial-up Internet access requires an open phone line. So make sure no one in your home starting using your phone in another room. Unfortunately, you can’t browse the Internet and talk on the phone at the same time. (Also, check that a phone wasn’t left off the hook.)
  • Check all cords and cables
    Cords and cables sometimes get knocked out or loosened. So make sure your phone line is securely plugged into your computer or external modem (if you’re using one) and the phone jack in your wall.
  • Check for hardware problems
    If you have an external dial-up modem, make sure its lights are on or shows signs that it is plugged in and functioning. If you are using a surge protector, make sure that it is on (it’s pretty easy to accidently bump a surge protector and turn it off). Make sure that the outlet that you are using is working by plugging something else into it. Then try plugging your modem into another outlet. If it still shows no signs of it working, you may have to replace the modem.
  • Check our Network Outages page
    If you can get to the Internet from your smartphone, tablet, or a different computer, visit our Network Outages page at to see if there are known problems with our dial-up network. If there is an outage listed, you can be sure we’re working to get it resolved as soon as possible and you can check back for confirmation that it’s fixed.
  • Double check your email address and password
    Your email address and password are both case sensitive (so capitalization matters) and they need to be entered exactly for you to be able to connect. Mistyping passwords is one of the most common reason dial-up users fail to connect to the Internet. So ensure that your keyboard’s Caps Lock is off and retype your email address and password carefully.If you forgot your password (and can use another computer or device to connect to the Internet) you can reset it at
    Important:  Your new password may take up to 20 minutes to activate in our system.
  • Update drivers and firmware
    Make sure that the drivers and firmware on your computer and modem are up-to-date. That process varies by computer and operating system, so check your computer’s help system if you don’t know how to do it.


Dial-Up Internet – How to Find a Local Dial Up Access Number to Connect With

Good news, dial-up users.

EarthLink has thousands of local dial-up access numbers you can use to connect to the Internet nationwide.

Maybe you are new to dial-up and need your first number? Maybe you want to see if there are other local numbers in your area with faster, more reliable connections? Mabye you’ll be traveling to another area and want to be able to connect without paying for Wi-Fi?

In each case, there’s the same quick 3-step solution.

Find a local dial up internet access number at EarthLink.

  1. Visit EarthLink’s Internet Access Numbers page.
  2. Enter the phone number for the location you want to connect from (such as your home phone, a relative’s phone, hotel, etc.).
  3. Make sure the Modem radio button is selected and click Find.

This will give you a list of dial-up numbers available in your area, the city and state for that number, and whether we think the number is a Local, Toll or Fixed-Fee call.* (I’m lucky enough to have 39 local EarthLink dial-up Internet numbers in my area.)

You may notice that some (or all) phone numbers have an asterisk at the end. This indicates the phone number supports v.92 dial-up modem compatibility.

V.92 is the standard for the most advanced dial-up modems; they offer faster connection times, faster downloads, faster uploads, greater reliability, and other benefits. So, if you have one of these v.92 dial up modems, try to select one of the v.92 dial up numbers from our list.

* Warning About Long-Distance Charges
We make every effort to list local numbers that you won’t be charged for by your phone company, but some of these numbers may result in significant long distance charges to you (it happened to me once – and thankfully only once – a long while ago, and it was not pleasant to get the bill). So we urge you to double-check with your phone company before you start using any new dial-up access number to make sure there won’t be any charges to you.

EarthLink Access Software
Of course, if you download and install our free dial-up access software called EarthLink Access Software, you’ll get a super-easy way to manage all your access numbers, plus EarthLink Accelerator and other benefits.

Dial-Up Internet Software: the Benefits of EarthLink Access Software

If you’re an EarthLink Dial-Up customer, you may have manually configured your Windows or Mac computer to connect to the Internet via an internal or external dial-up modem  without installing any Internet connection software.

But if you’re a Windows PC user, you do have another option, one that gives you significant additional benefits: EarthLink Access Software.Connection Manager in EarthLink Access Software for Dial-Up

EarthLink Access Software is our free Internet connection software that helps our dial-up members get online more reliably, surf the Web faster, download email faster, and get the most out of their EarthLink experience.

If you download the dial-up software from our website, here’s what you get:

  • Connection manager – helps you connect to the Internet more reliably & manage dial-up access numbers
  • EarthLink Accelerator – turbo-charges dial-up Internet surfing up to 7x faster; speeds up email too
  • Customizable Start Page – lets you check your email, find access numbers, change Accelerator settings, and provides customizable content such as news, weather, stocks, TV listings & more
  • Simple Switch – makes it simple to import your contacts into EarthLink Web Mail

You may not need to import contacts with Simple Switch and may only occasionally use the Start Page, but the Connection Manager and Accelerator included with our EarthLink Access Software are two features that really make connecting to the Internet and surfing with dial-up faster and easier.

Connection Manager will choose the fastest, most reliable dial-up access number  for you each time you want to connect to the Internet.

Accelerator automatically speeds up the loading of Web pages as you surf and also helps download email faster.

Of course, dial-up Internet access with Accelerator is still not nearly as fast as broadband cable or high-speed DSL Internet, but the extra surfing speed really helps you enjoy your time online.

Our dial-up accelerator is also available as a stand-alone download for both Windows and Mac users.

We encourage all our dial-up customers to download either the full EarthLink Access software or the stand-alone Accelerator.