4G Wireless Internet At Home

A couple of months ago, we launched a new mobile 4G wireless Internet service  to help you stay connected on the go.

Wireless 4G Internet At Home

Just this week we launched another new 4G wireless Internet service: this one offers you a convenient high-speed alternative to DSL or cable Internet access at home.

EarthLink 4G Wireless Internet At Home lets you enjoy a super-fast wireless Internet connection all around your home – on up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled computers and other devices – without the hassles of setting up a home network.

Wireless Internet speeds are comparable to DSL (up to 6Mbps). But unlike DSL, you don’t need an active home phone line – so our 4G Internet At Home service is perfect if you want to start using only your cell phone and eliminate your home phone bill.

4G Internet service starts at just $29.94 a month and cancelling your home phone service can save an average of about $20 a month ($12.72 for a basic calling plan, plus all additional fees and surcharges). In that scenario, you can enjoy wireless Internet access at home for only about $10 more than you’re paying now (check your own home phone bill because you could save even more).

Our wireless high-speed Internet access is powered by an easy-to-use 4G home modem that you can set up in minutes. You don’t even need to add a Wi-Fi router to set up a home network. There will be a one-time charge for the modem at sign-up but you’ll avoid the monthly rental fees that can really add up over time with some high-speed services.

The 4G modem supports 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and can let your whole family surf the Internet simultaneously. You can, for example, connect from your home office desktop PC while your spouse connects from a laptop on the couch and the kids connect on tablets and Internet-enabled game consoles all around the house. WPA2, WPA and WEP Wi-Fi security is supported to a secure your home network.

You’ll have a choice of two 4G Internet At Home plans. Our Standard plan offers you Internet speed up to 3Mbps and 5GB of monthly data for $29.95 a month. Our Premium plan offers you Internet speed up to 6Mbps and 10GB of monthly data for $49.95 a month. (All other service features and benefits are the same.) Click on either of the How much is this? links to see a chart showing you how much you can do online with 5GB and 10GB of data per month. There are no contracts or commitments required for either wireless plan, so it’s easy to get started and see how much you like it (trust us, you will).

Both our 4G Wireless Internet At Home and 4G Wireless Internet On-the-Go services are available in over 80 cities across the U.S. Click the Coverage Map link to see a list of the cities. Enter your home phone number (if you have one) and home address, including zip code, and click Get Started to confirm that our 4G Internet At Home is available where you live.

We encourage you to learn more about both our new wireless 4G Internet services today.

Kindle Fire: So Hot, It’s Sold Out

If you have a high-speed Internet connection at home (either DSL or cable Internet), you’ve probably set up a Wi-Fi home network so you can connect all around the house on your laptop.

You may also use your home Wi-Fi network to browse the Internet with your smartphone or tablet.

But there’s another device that’s great to use with your high-speed Internet home network, and that device was in the news this morning.

Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet

Sold Out...But Stay Tuned.

It’s Amazon’s Kindle Fire (which lets you browse the Web whenever you’re connected to Wi-Fi).

So, why is the Kindle Fire in the news today?

Because Amazon announced earlier this morning that the Kindle Fire:

  • is the most successful product launch in Amazon.com’s history
  • has earned over 10,000 5-star reviews
  • has been the #1 best-selling product on Amazon.com since it was introduced about 9 months ago
  • has captured 22% of tablet sales in the U.S.
  • is now sold out

That’s right: sold out. As in, no more Kindle Fire. Forever.

But don’t fret if you’ve been putting off buying one.

Amazon is holding a press event in Los Angeles next Thursday, September 6, and there are lots of rumors about Amazon announcing a new line of Kindle Fires.

PCWorld.com has a list of 5 things that would make the new Kindle Fire a big hit.

Do you have a Kindle Fire or other Kindle? Are you thinking about buying one? Or are you a fan of another tablet? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments section below.

Working From Home – Top Tips To Help You Get the Job Done

Benefits of working from home - CNET.com

With high-speed Internet services like EarthLink cable Internet and DSL available in most homes, people have been working from home in far greater numbers. The Telework Research Network estimates that 20 – 30 million people currently work from home at least once a week. Since I’m also working from home, let’s make that 30,000,001 (I’m pretty sure they didn’t count me before).

Want to join the ranks of telecommuters and home office workers? Make sure you’re set up properly and ready to go. Here are the top 5 things you’ll need to work effectively from home (I’ll follow up with 6 – 10 next week):

1. Fast & Reliable Computer: Of course you know you need a computer, but make sure it’s fast and reliable enough for you to work efficiently. If you’re not in the market shop for a new laptop, you might want to consider a computer tune-up with our PC FineTune software. It’s simple to use and helps keep your PC running like new. The last thing you want is a slow computer making your coworkers complain about how long you’re taking to complete tasks from home.

2. High-Speed Internet: I’m sure you already know where you can find the best high-speed Internet service provider ;-). Obviously, your Internet connection is mission-critical to successful telecommuting. So don’t take chances. Make it fast and reliable. Our EarthLink Business division also offers Business Internet Access.

3. Wi-Fi Home Network: A home network is not essential for telecommuting, but it can definitely make you more productive, since it gives you flexibility to work from multiple places around your house. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi home network already, EarthLink Home Networking can get you started with a full rebate on a Wi-Fi router and card/adapter. Also, to make sure you get set up right, see our previous blog posts: Wi-Fi Home Network Performance Tips and 10 Wi-Fi Security Tips.

4. Large Monitor (Even Better, Dual Monitors): I’ll provide my own subjective experience and perspective on this one before I whip out the stats. I have felt more productive and more comfortable every time I got a larger monitor. And one of my favorite technology purchases was when I treated myself to a second monitor. I find most tasks significantly quicker and simpler to complete with two monitors. I would never want to go back to using just one for work. And I’m not alone. There are numerous studies showing increased productivity associated with both larger monitors and dual monitors – with task completion up to 74% faster. This article summarizes 4 studies on monitors and productivity gains.

5. Ergonomic Chair: There’s a reason that expensive ergonomic chairs are standard now in offices for most knowledge workers. It’s not that the companies are being generous. It’s that they know it’s an investment that will pay off. They want you to spend a lot of time in your chair being productive, and don’t want you developing physical problems associated with bad sitting posture to diminish that productivity. So, you should be good to your body and your productivity at home, too. For me, a good ergonomic chair was money well spent for my home office. There’s no one kind, but here’s a search for ergonomic home office chairs. I do recommend, however, that you go to a store and see what’s comfortable for you (it’s one thing the Internet is not yet good at replicating). Make sure it is fully adjustable and offers plenty of support. Here are more ergonomic chair tips.

Do you work from home already, either all or part of the time? Let us know what works well for you or what the challenges are.

And remember to check back next week for more home office tips!