EarthLink Ranks #1 on MSPmentor’s List of Top Managed Service Providers

As evidence of EarthLink’s transformation into a leading integrated communications and IT services provider comes news this week that the company has landed the prestigious #1 position on MSPmentor’s 6th annual World’s Top Managed Service Providers (MSPs) List!

Click here to view our top ranking on this prestigious global list. As the editors of MSPmentor stated, “EarthLink has quietly transformed itself from an ISP . . . into a full-blown MSP. Big areas of focus include managed voice, cloud hosting and integrated voice and data services.”

We take pride in providing an exceptional customer experience, and EarthLink’s managed services, such as cloud computing, managed and private cloud, and virtualization services including managed hosting and cloud workspace, and a robust portfolio of IT security, application hosting, colocation and IT support services are designed to help businesses of all sizes leverage the efficiencies of these exciting technologies. Our customers are already in the know, and we are pleased that MSPmentor, a leading industry media voice, now recognizes our success and is helping to spread the word!

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Asset Management and BYOD

With asset management, IT managers know what systems exist, what technology is in place, and how they all fit together within a company.  If managing IT assets is not already complex enough, now corporations are implementing Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policies that allow employees to connect their personal phones and tablets to corporate networks and applications.

Spend some time and really think about this effort, companies are now permitting users to purchase their own phones or tablets and are requiring their IT managers to manage, support, and secure data accessed by them. Today’s features on these devices make them no different than allowing users to bring and connect their own personal computers to your corporate network. However, the thing to remember is the security measures for allowing personal computers to connect remotely to corporate networks is far more advanced than today’s measures for BYOD devices.

When allowing BYOD devices on your network consider the following:

  1. What is the user doing with the device when it is not on your corporate network?
  2. What happens to corporate data when the user is terminated from your company?
  3. What happens to corporate data when the device is lost or stolen?

All three questions can seem alarming (as they should!). The key is to find a way to manage these devices so you maintain access control to your corporation’s data and other assets. Yes, these are your employee’s personal devices but you can still control the connection paths to which you allow these devices to access your critical information. It’s up to you to maintain control.

Make educating users to a top priority if you are going to allow these devices. Spot check devices to insure users are using password unlock to unlock devices before use. Consider moving all corporate remote applications to the Cloud so all data is retained on the network and not downloaded to the device. Only allow a small sample of BYOD devices, for example only allowing iPads or iPhones. This lowers the burden of maintaining multiple vender devices and allows you to tailor your BYOD polices. Think about the risks before deciding to allow BYOD in your environment. BYOD devices should be used as a portal to access corporate data and not as an insecure data repository located outside your network.

The good news is that EarthLink’s Asset Management IT Service already takes these BYOD devices into account. Contact your EarthLink representative today to learn more!

Bring Email Marketing In-House with Announcer Pro

All businesses often get so busy with day-to-day activities that it becomes harder and harder to set aside time to promote the business (an unfortunately counter-intuitive reality).  This is why many companies hire marketing services that can handle this for them; and one of the biggest promotional tools today is email.  But you don’t HAVE to give over control of your email promotions, because EarthLink Web Hosting has a tool called Announcer Pro.

This intuitive email marketing platform gives you back control.  Announcer Pro lets you create, send, and manage email campaigns with ease. The system is easy-to-use, and is designed to meet your email marketing needs, including
  • creative design
  • contact list management
  • scheduling
  • performance tracking
  • …and more!

With plans starting as low as $12.99/month, Announcer Pro offers unmatched value and flexibility for businesses of all sizes, so call now if you have questions and/or want to add it to your EarthLink Web Hosting service!

EarthLink’s Mike Toplisek Interviewed for Influential ‘Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing’ Series

EarthLink’s own Mike Toplisek, Executive Vice President of Products and Marketing, was interviewed recently by influential author, entrepreneur and technology consultant Sramana Mitra as part of her ’Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing’ series focused on the strategies of major companies around cloud computing and SaaS in an effort to provide both historical perspectives and the outlook for the market. Mitra is the founder of the One Million by One Million global initiative and the author of VisionIndia 2020 among other several other books demystifying entrepreneurship.

Toplisek is particularly interested in focusing on how IT and cloud services offer entrepreneurs a leg up, enabling start-ups to more rapidly and nimbly enter the marketplace. The following is an excerpt from his fascinating discussion with Mitra.

“It’s about empowerment. We’re driving more toward that. We have a business with an existing cost structure that enables us to provide human touch as needed. We’ll service our customers in the way that they want to be serviced, but more and more, the way they want to be serviced is by being empowered to make the changes without having to deal with a human touch. That is where most of our investment and research and development are going, into that MyLink™ control panel . . . it also enables businesses to compete and allows them to compete more fiercely. I think it’s helping to foster an environment that’ll be stronger than ever for startup businesses and small businesses to grow because of all of this technology.” – Mike Toplisek, EarthLink Executive Vice President of Products and Marketing

Read the entire interview here,

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