Survey Says … Find Out What Your Customers Want

Learn what your customers want with an online customer survey.Focusing on real customer needs and desires is a proven strategy for business success. But how can you be sure you know what your customers want?

Just ask them. With an online customer survey.

EarthLink Web Hosting can help – with an easy-to-use Customer Survey tool built into our Web Hosting Control Center.

We’ll show you how to create a new survey with our survey templates, how to customize your survey, how to manage your surveys and how to generate reports with survey results.

How to Create and Customize a Customer Survey

  1. Sign in to your EarthLink Web Hosting Control Center at with your domain name, username and password.
  2. From the Build tab, click the Customer Survey icon.customer survey tool
  3. Click Create New Survey.
  4. Type the name of your survey in the first text box (this name is for your use and isn’t customer-facing).
  5. Select a survey template from the drop-down menu.
  6. Enter a survey title in the text box. This is the text customers will see on top of your survey.
  7. Enter some text to describe the purpose of your survey in the Introduction text box. Your survey description will appear below the survey title.
  8. Enter a privacy statement or other comments. This text will appear below the last question in the survey.
  9. Click Next to proceed to the next step, which lets you customize your survey template and add your own questions and the types of answers you want to allow.
  10. Click where it says Type your question and then click the Edit question icon (looks like blue gears).
  11. Type your first survey question into the top text box.
  12. Select the type of answer you want: checkbox (lets users pick multiple answers), radio button (allows only one answer), text area or text field.
  13. Enter a possible answer and click the Add answer button. Repeat for as many possible answers you want to display.
  14. Click Accept when you have finished adding answers for this question.
  15. To add another question either below or above the one you just created, click one of the two buttons to the right of the Edit question button: one has a capital Q with a + sign below the Q and the  other has a capital Q with a + sign above the Q.
  16. Repeat the process of editing the question and providing possible answers as you did above in steps 10 – 14.
  17. Repeat the process of adding additional questions until you have completed your survey.
  18. Click the Next button to save your survey.

After your survey is saved, you’ll have the option to create another survey, go to reports, or manage your survey.

If you want to edit and/or publish the survey you just created, click the Manage Surveys link. This will bring you to a page listing all of your surveys.

  1. Click on the survey you’d like to publish, download, email, copy or delete. You’ll see icons on the right side of the page that correspond with these actions. Hover your mouse over any icon to see what it’s for. The first icon for the survey you just worked on should say Draft.
  2. Click the second icon, a green circle with a triangle on it, to publish your survey.
  3. You should get a confirmation that the survey was published along with the URL for the survey. Click OK to close the confirmation window.
  4. If you want to edit any of your surveys, click on the survey name and then click the Next button. Make any edits you have on the Survey Properties page and click Next again. Click on any of the questions you wish to edit and click the Edit question icon. Click Next when you are done editing the questions and/or answers.

After you’ve had a survey up for a while, you’ll want to view the results. When you’re ready to do that, click the Reports tab or Reports link on the Main Menu of the Customer Survey page.

  1. Select a survey from the list of available surveys.
  2. Click Next.
  3. A new page will show you how customers answered your questions.
  4. Click Next to get additional statistics until you reach the confirmation page at the end of the report.

Good luck with your surveys. Let us know how it works for you by leaving a comment below.