The Top 3 Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos Being Shared on Social Media

Hurricane Sandy is everywhere on the news, and (for those with a reliable internet connection), on social media as well.  Many first hand accounts are being spread through social media, but so are a few fakes.  Here are the top three faked Hurricane Sandy photos to be aware of.

  1. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
    • This photo has been circulating as being taken during a downpour brought on by the hurricane hitting DC.  While it is a real photograph, it’s from September of this year, and was not taken during Sandy.  Below is a photograph that The National Guard shared that is actually from the beginning of the storm.
  2. Waves Around the Statue of Liberty
    • This photo makes the storm look more than terrifying; it makes it seem apocalyptic!  And there’s a reason…it’s actually from a movie.  Specifically, the screen shot is from the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” in which NYC is flooded.  Someone added a news bar at the bottom to make it seem realistic, but the picture is indeed a fake.
  3. Clouds Over the Statue of Liberty
    • This photo is actually a composite made from two photos: one of New York Harbor, and one of a cloud formation from 2004 (that wasn’t even in New York!).

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