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We have now quietly released the Mobile Email web site for mobile devices and it is live and can be used. We just haven’t begun promoting it yet while we work out the kinks. Readers of this blog can be among the first to try it out.
If you use a mobile phone browser you can navigate to
This is a mini-version of Web Mail formated for mobile devices. It allows you to read, reply to, and send emails, but does not have the more advanced features of Web Mail.
In a couple weeks we will be putting a link in Web Mail to further instructions, including how to use the native POP software that is present on many mobile phones. So there are two ways to get your email on your phone.
Look for more information on this soon.

15 thoughts on “Try out the new Mobile Email

  1. I followed the instructions for setting up earthlink mail on my ipod Touch, but I can’t seem to receive any emails. Can you please help me figure this out? I’ve used the settings posted on your site. Also, I navigated to the page, tried to log in using username and password, but when I submit I am returned to the login page without further explanation.

  2. Is Earthlink mobile email intended to work with mobile phones that have WAP browsers? These are the more basic and some mid-level phones that have “wireless web” capability, but don’t have a full HTML browser. With my phone’s WAP browser, I get an error when I try to log in:
    Security Error: Untrusted server certificate

  3. I went to the mobile site and it showed that I had an email sent from earthlink (one of those tips and tricks messages) but no other messages. Yet, when I logged into webmail on the desktop computer, I had six messages waiting. This has happened more than once. Am I doing soimething wrong?

    We’re investigating this now. It looks like the problem is with your domain (an uncommon one) and a few others, and it should be fixed soon.
    Email Guy
  4. I have a account. Although I can access my netcom account via Mobile WebMail, none of my emails are present. Instead I just have the latest Earthlink newsletter. It is like I am connecting to a new and different account. I am using a Samsung Impression. Earthlink Tech Support could not help me and instead suggested I configure my phone to use POP, but I apparently cannot do that either. Any suggestions?

    We’re investigating this now. It looks like the problem is only with your domain and a few others, and it should be fixed soon.
    Email Guy
  5. Upon logging into my webmail on my iPod Touch today, I noticed EarthLink’s offer to redirect me to mobile webmail and decided to try it. There were three Earthlink-generated emails in the in-box (which is a mystery, because they are not in my regular webmail in-box). In any event, I opened and read two of them, and found that if I scrolled all the way to the bottom, I could send each of those to Trash (though not empty the trash folder). But the third canned message displays merely as a header in a peach-colored box, which states something to the effect that there is an error in the message, and only so much of it as can be displayed, which is zero characters, has been displayed. So, of course, scrolling down gets me no where, and there is apparently no way to send this message to trash.
    So, before I use this facility for anything important, I’d like some confirmation that what I send in it will show up in my Sent folder in regular webmail, that replies to emails that I send while using it will appear in the in-box of my regular webmail account, and that I will not forever have to look at that @#$%^&* defective email that remains in the in-box.

    Yes, the Sent folder is the same one viewed in Web Mail and it will show your messages sent from Mobile Email. However, there is currently a problem with using the Mobile site with your domain, which is why you are not seeing the rest of your messages. We are working on this now.
    Email Guy
  6. When I try the link on my mobile phone, I get an error message, “untrusted server certificate”. What server certificate(s) does webmail use? My phone is a Motorola E815 from Verizon, with an Openwave browser, which has 6 security certificates (2 verisign, 2 GTE, 1 entrust, and 1 RSA). All the certificates on my phone are valid until 2028.

  7. I just tried mobile-mail using a samsung gt-s5233w.
    I can see the mobile site, but i have only 3 messages in the in-box and these are NOT in my normal
    in-box and on my
    normal site i have many e-mails — what am I missing – thanks

    We’re investigating this now. It looks like the problem is only with your domain and a few others, and it should be fixed soon.
    Email Guy
  8. Thanks for adding the mobile phone webmail access, however it doesn’t seem to work for me on my iPhone using the Safari browser. If I choose the old webmail I get in fine, but on the new mobile version whenever I click “Check Mail” it just re-loads the same page without showing recent mail. The only thing that ever came up were two really old Earthlink newsletters. If I go to folders and choose a folder, the same thing happens: no new mail. Is it possible that you have not made this functional for addresses?

    The problem with mailboxes not displaying the messages present in the mailbox is being fixed now.
    Email Guy
  9. Just discovered that the “Session Expiration” preference doesn’t seem to apply to this mobile client, which seems like a bug to me…

    It’s by design. A personal mobile device isn’t generally shared, so unless you explicitly log out, the mobile device doesn’t ever require login again after you have done so once and the cookie is saved on the device. If you want the device to require a login then just log out of email after checking it.
    Email Guy
  10. I am not pleased that you have screwed up accessing Email from my IPhone. Three phone calls to Earthlink have not solved the glitch.
    What bothers me most is that Earthlink created this “new” mobile email without any warning to current users.
    As it is right now when I am at work I cannot access email to my (deleted) account. And that is not the Iphone at fault; it has not changed anything. Earthlink, in its own words:
    “We have now quietly released the Mobile Email web site for mobile devices and it is live and can be used. We just haven’t begun promoting it yet while we work out the kinks.”
    That is not the way to do things. Work out the kinks before hand, because if you lose customers what have you gained?????

    I’m sorry support didn’t give you the instructions you needed. The use of the Mobile page is completely opt-in. You have to actively select that option when you navigate to the Web Mail site with your mobile device, when the option page comes up. The default option there is to not redirect to the Mobile site. At any rate, you can easily switch back at any time by simply clicking the link on the Mobile login page, under the login box, that says, “Use regular Web Mail.” That will switch you back and stay there without redirecting you again.
    All mailboxes can log in to either site and they use the same authentication, so I can only guess that you may have entered the wrong password on the Mobile site, while your correct password was probably saved for the regular Web Mail login page. If an account works on one site, it should work on both of them.
    I’ve resent the support documentation to our agents, thanks for bringing this to my attention.
    Email Guy
  11. Thanks! I just tried it and am very happy with it. I have an HTC Touch Pro on the Sprint network, and Sprint’s method of accessing my email didn’t work as consistently as I had hoped. This is much better.

  12. Can’t find a way to empty trash on this mobile version.
    Went to that folder but could find no empty option.
    Can u help?

    To do that you have to log into the regular Web Mail with your desktop browser. There is a Preference setting there to auto-delete Trash as frequently as every day, with the default being 14 days.
    Email Guy
  13. Was pleasantly surprised to get the re-direct this morning! First feature request: Forward/Back buttons to move through messages. Since the whole idea is to streamline, if I am trying to read a few new messages, it is very inefficient to keep having to return to the menu to select the next message…

  14. Mobile Mail — Good start — Thank you !
    Please thank everyone involved for getting this operational.
    Need option to turn off html to eliminate spurious code that confuses display of text on these small mobile screens (using Palm CENTRO on Verizon).
    Thanks again !!!

  15. Thanks for this option. You are headed in the right direction now.
    I logged in and first thing I noticed was no HTML e-mails. Is that an issue with the default browser on my Blackberry, or is HTML not available yet for smartphones?

    The email viewer there is text only, so in MIME/html emails it looks for the text part. Most emails have a text part for this purpose, but some don’t. Displaying MIME emails properly on mobile phones isn’t supported by most mobile browsers. Text-only also makes it faster.
    Email Guy

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