Web Mail 6.0 is near!

Finally we’re getting close to releasing the new and improved Web Mail interface, and some very nice new features based on your feedback.
Here’s a sneak peek (click image to view full size):


I’ll be providing more details about which new features get included in the first round when we get close to the release date. The obvious change is a much more usable layout, with tasks on a toolbar at the top and a re-organized folder tree. There will be some other goodies too, so stay tuned. Some of what might be included is listed in this older post, when 6.0 was just a concept. We’ve refined it a bit since then.

29 thoughts on “Web Mail 6.0 is near!

  1. Will this new version of webmail be intertwined with Total Access 2005. I have email in both places and I would like to sync up. Can this be done?

    This FAQ may be helpful.
    Email Guy
  2. I opted out of webmail 6 just to see what it would do, but i would like to get back in. Is there an option, or can you p;ease get me back into the new interface?

    Use the link under the quota bar (only appears to users who are in the test, as you are).
    Email Guy
  3. Please put me on the list to upgrade. The beta definitely looks a lot better than the current web mail layout!

    Email Guy
  4. Make it easy to import and export email send, address book, trash and receive from outlook which most people use when they are using earthlink with their main computer. Also I should be able to save these files in my general computer when I clean these from web mail. Also, I have had trouble with receiving web mail on a trip especially when I am overseas and the vacation message is on. Thanks Marc.
    P.S. Please work on these issues. When my wife uses her remote Yahoo, it is such a better program without “funky” issues!

  5. When are the changes going to happen? I’m on Web Mail version 6.0.23 but it does not look like anything like the preview image. What gives?
    All I want is away to view an attached image without downloading and saving it first. Come one, set the mime type correctly so it will work like other websites.

  6. I saw the various queries and responses regarding the amount of spam that is not caught by the filters, but is so very obvious to the human eye. Come on, how many people want to get email that will tell them about Acai Berry and how to get rich with Google? If a human can catch it so quickly, there has to be some additional intelligence built into the spam filters to catch by subject. At least add the option for people to block subjects just as you have it set up to block senders. If you haven’t noticed, the spammers have gotten very clever lately. The subject and content is always the same, but they use random combinations of words for the domain name. Today they may use “eatatjoes.com” and tomorrow “mygreycat.com”. I disagree with the statement that you can judge a good filter by the percentage of spam that is blocked. You judge it by the quantity of spam that is let in. After how many years? of spam fighting, Earthlink must be capable of finding a better way.
    — Alan

  7. I hope 6.0 is optional. It uses vertical space very badly. I don’t want it.
    The picture you posted shows the problem: only about one inch of real email reading space after all the cruft packed on top of it.
    And your picture lies: it shows a 4:3 ratio screen WITHOUT the real-world browser window header, status line, tab bar, and multiple tool bars many people use.
    And with new displays getting wider but not taller, things are getting worse still.
    You need to use the space at the left, but NOT add to the burden at the top!

  8. Just a niggle about editing in the Address Book (I haven’t seen it raised elsewhere).
    If I click on an alphabet letter (say, N) in the Address Book manager to bring up the subset of entries that begin with that letter, and then select one entry to edit, when I complete the edit and save the results, instead of being returned either to where I was in the list for that letter, or even to the first entry in that subset, I’m returned to the first entry in the Show All display for the Address Book.
    That’s slightly irritating, especially when I have several edits to make to a set of entries that all begin with the same letter.
    It’s not huge, but it would be nice to see it fixed.

  9. On July 14 you said “Finally we’re getting close to releasing the new and improved Web Mail interface”. That was three months ago. Are we any closer?

    Hopefully before year-end, but with the holidays it could be January.
    Email Guy
  10. Hey Email Guy,
    Address book has bugs that you said will be fixed in next release. I did a search to find out when the next release might be coming out, which led me to this post. Are you able to say when we might see this new release?
    Thanks, Jeff

    Hopefully before year-end, but with the holidays it could be January.
    Email Guy
  11. Will we be able to block SPAM based on the to: (or cc:) field which includes one or more usernames that differ mine?
    For years now, practically every single day, I have been receiving messages which either have a series of recipients like pickaname@earthlink.net. Generally they have been beginning with the same first two characters of the username.
    I would expect Earthlink to do additional filtering / raise the bar on messages that have multiple recipients.
    Especially since 100% of these multiple recipient messages are SPAM.
    Not one message, ever, is a legitimate message if it is addressed to me as well as any of the people in that same little alphabetic section. 100% SPAM Guarantee if I get a message showing in my inbox as to startsalike@earthlink.net
    I have been finding it increasingly frustrating that these have not been picked up by the filter automatically, as I can absolutely tell in 99.5% of the cases from the the subject line as well that it is SPAM.
    I really hope earthlink will up the ante, as I don’t get these startsalike@earthlink.net SPAMs with ANY other provider that I use.
    If you would like additional information, I will more than gladly explain myself further. Just send me an email.

    Lots of legitimate email is also sent to lists of users, in subsets grouped in alphabetical order. This could apply to just about any legitimate email list, and many users are on lists that they want to get email from. So spam can’t be identified automatically that way (and no one uses that by itself as a spam identifier), although it seems simple for you to identify your own that way.
    Use the This Is Spam feature to report spam and that will help block new spam that isn’t already blocked (it takes reports from multiple users to have an effect).
    You can also use your personal Blocked Sender List to block spam if it comes from certain domains or senders consistently.
    Email Guy
  12. On July 14 you said “Finally we’re getting close to releasing the new and improved Web Mail interface”. That was three months ago. How close are we now?
    Also, any progress on getting the whitelist to overrule the spam filter?
    (I know, some people just want EVERYthing.)

  13. I would really really love to have more fonts to choose from in webmail. I don’t hardly ever use regular email that is installed with earthlink – because I am leary of it after an incident a couple of years ago – in which I lost a lot of ‘saved’ emails. What are chances of new fonts in webmail?
    P.S. How come you can’t add gifs in webmail, without people having to download them as attatchments?

    The next release of Web Mail is adding more fonts to the compose view.
    We are also working on a feature to insert pictures inline in new messages.
    Email Guy
  14. Any new updates? eta?
    Also, I’d sure like to be able to use webmail from my mobile phone. Currently, I have to forward everything to gmail and use gmail’s web browser. I wish I didn’t have to make all of the content of all of my email subject to Google’s scanners just to be able to check my mail from my phone!!
    Also, being able to dynamically load images/html after seeing the message in text form would be great.

  15. RESIZE – Please allow us to resize the Folder area to allow for more screen space on the right. Most of the time I do not need to know the exact name of my folders except the Inbox, therefore I would like to adjust the width of that folder area to allow for more visible readable email width on the right side of the page.
    EMAIL STORAGE – Please Please Please provide unlimited space for our email on webmail for paying customers instead of the paltry 100MB we now have. Yahoo and Google and others provide unlimited for free.
    SORT – When we Sort email messages alphabetically, can you please put links for categories like A-H, I-P, etc so we can click on the link to go to that section? Ditto for the numbers of messages 1-200, 201-400 etc. (Yes, I saw the workaround of editing the url)

  16. In the new release, please arrange to stop letting OBVIOUS spam get into my Suspect folder. I get 1 or 2 “Vi.ag.ra” spams a day and Earthlink needs to put up a filter against all this obvious junk. It clearly not “suspect” but rather is easily seen as spam.
    (Third request)

    Spam filtering will never catch 100%. If you only get 1 or 2 uncaught spam a day, that is pretty good. The subject line alone is not going to flag the message as spam, as words like Viagra can certainly be part of legitimate email, and often are, so that does not make it “obvious” spam. It looks obvious to a human, because we’re a lot smarter than a computer filter. Spammers constantly find new ways to get around filtering and we constantly try to keep up. Realistically, if we are catching 80-90% of your spam, we’re doing great. That’s true of any email service. You can get that ratio by looking at the number of messages in your Known Spam folder over a couple of days, and compare that to the number that didn’t go in there. For most users we’re hitting 90%+ pretty consistently. Also know that there is a great deal more spam (double at least) that you never see in Known Spam because we have blocked the spammer’s IP number entirely.
    Email Guy
  17. Please fix an ongoing problem with folders. For some time now, when I want to file email under a subfolder, I encounter a frustrating problem.
    When scrolling through my list of folders to select the folder to more email into, the folder I am in and filing from is not listed in the heirarchy BUT all of the folders beneath the folder I am in and filing emails from are listed as if they are under a different folder. It is very confusing.

  18. Has there been any effort to upgrade the anti-spamming function, to allow for prohibiting at the “.” level, as in “.ru” “.it” etc, or even better, at the IP level — more than 90% of the SPAM I receive is coming from “out of this country” when the source code is examined at the IP address level. I think I can speak for a large number of your customers when I say I am definitely NOT interested in ANY content that is coming in from the RIPE, APNIC, (and others) IP networks who manage (or better characterized as mismanage) a bulk of the SPAMMING sources — WDG

    Top level domain blocking is included in Web Mail 6.0. You can already block most domains at the second level. See the FAQ.
    Email Guy
  19. Amazing. The new look is just what I was going to suggest. Having the sign out or off at the top right is the right place for it. Keep up the good work.

  20. this computer (at my son’s house) remembers both my email address and my password automatically. how can I make it disremember the password? I’m leaving town this p.m. s/dave

    Those are saved by your browser. Click the form box to put your cursor in it, then press the down arrow key to show you all the saved entries. Then use the down arrow key to move the selection to the one you want to remove, and press Delete on IE, or Shift-Delete on Firefox. One of these will work for most other browsers. That deletes the saved entry, including the password. Next time you log in from that computer, the browser will ask you again if you want to save it or not.
    Email Guy
  21. Hi,
    will this new release of web mail fix any address book import problems? I’ve been trying to import my addresses from the .csv files that I exported from Thunderbird, but the only fields that web mail imports into the address book are under the Contact section (Names, Nicknames, etc). No other information (including email!) seems to make it into the address book.
    Is there a work around for this? I could reformat my .csv files if that is the problem. I want to set my spam filter to the highest setting, and I don’t want to enter all my contacts in manually.

    This may help.
    Email Guy
  22. Any chance of getting a better spell checker — the one we have is VERY weak and very outdated. Also, how about more options for text style and color — maybe background colors. Some simple directions on the formating features would be nice! All the “options’ on the right hand site of the composing bar are totaly lost on me.

  23. I just checked my watch and it’s already 2008. Any chance the update will include at least a mobile version if not a totally iPhone-specific version? How about IMAP? Please. Please. Please.

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