Web Mail 6.2.11 Released Today

This release fixes a few bugs reported by users, and also adds a much-requested enhancement.

  • You can now save your desired font settings to compose messages, including font name, size, color, and italic/bold/underline. There are two ways to save your preference. When composing a message just set the font the way you want it and click the Save icon on the far right of the toolbar (looks like a disk icon). You can also go to Preferences / Sending & Replying, under the New Message Editor Settings.
    After saving, all new messages and replies will be in the style you saved, by default. You can still edit in-line using the toolbar to modify the saved style for any particular message.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed 500 Server Error when attempting to log out.
  • Fixed cursor not appearing in To field by default on some browsers.
  • Fixed Chrome browser opening new tabs for all links.
  • Fixed Anonymous Email link not appearing in Preferences for some users.
  • Fixed a highlight format problem in compose with Firefox.

Please let us know if anything isn’t working right.

23 thoughts on “Web Mail 6.2.11 Released Today

  1. It is great that I can now set the font for the body of the email, THANK YOU!! How do I do it for my ‘signature’ ? Currently the signature is only in ‘text’ format not ‘HTML’ so links do not work either.
    Also is there a way to have my signature at the end of my current email as opposed to at the bottom of the email after all replys?

  2. Still getting an error message, most of the time, when deleting the LAST email listed in my Inbox. It doesn’t matter if there are other emails in the Inbox….this only happens about 75% of the time when attempting to delete the LAST message listed while that last message is OPEN, and I click the “Delete” button. The only way to return to WebMail is to hit the “Back” button several times….and that sometimes won’t work either….and I must use my browser “History” button/listing to go back to the last WebMail “Inbox” entry.
    Any chance someone can try to duplicate this annoyance and attempt to fix it? I’ve already reported it twice over the past few months since the latest version of WebMail appeared.
    Thanks! Otherwise, WebMail works like a charm and is esceptionally valuable to this frequent world traveler!

  3. I keep getting bounced out of my email page and have to log in again and again. This has not happened before. What can I do to correct this problem.
    Thank you,
    Al Tino.

  4. My wife uses the old version of Webmail, logging in with her username. She recently started finding that when she saves a message as a draft and opens it again, it now has a bunch of what look like formatting codes inserted before the message text. If she sends a message directly from the composing screen, these codes are not inserted.
    What could be causing this, and is there a setting that would get rid of this? (We are primarily using a Mac running OS X 10.4.11 and accessing Webmail via the Camino browser.)

  5. This problem has always been there but the error is displayed a little differently since the last update.
    Browser… FireFox, probably fails with IE also
    Operating system…. XP
    Earthlink Web Mail
    More than one message sitting in your Web Mail box. Open the last message in your mail box, leaving the first ones alone. If you then delete that last message, while it is open, you end up sitting at a page with the following:
    “Web Mail Unknown Error
    Sorry, an internal error has occured. Please click on the Web Mail link on the header and return to Web Mail.

  6. I have been unable to log into my web mail for several weeks. It continues to tell me the server failed, login later. How do you go about requesting to get this fixed when my system does not allow me to.

  7. Can’t access one of my anonymous email boxes this morning. The link shows some messages in it. Get a “Page Cannot Be Found” instead. Happens from both IE and Firefox. Sent test messages to other anonymous boxes that were empty and was able to access them. Cleared cache but no joy.

  8. I just found you. My cursor starts blinking then disappers, like when I put it on File to sign off. Is there an update to fix this and if so where & how do I get it.
    Also, I opened a friends attachment and got your Message Preview… thought my WebMail was ruined… did not know what it was for… will it follow me when I send messages? What is it for? Thank you for your help, Carol Hortman

  9. Simple: The most important aspect of email is not working: spam protection. I am getting constant messages into my inbox of mail from blocked addresses. Lately, if 10 bulk-spam messages come in from the same place, I see 3 or 4 in “suspect mail” and one or 2 in my inbox, as well as 5 or 6 actually blocked. (Identical, 100% identical.) It’s like there’s a “leaky” filtering going on.
    Also, I get multiple spam messages with the exact same subject head (e.g., “Foreclosures in your area” or “Viagra” or “Claim your fortune” kind of junk), and it sure would be handy to be able to filter a subject head as an option, since the same messages will be sent the next day with another fictitious “sender” address but the identical subject head.
    Just my thoughts as a social scientist who studies user experience online (which on Earthlink webmail is a constant study in frustration for many users!) and as a long-time (Mindspring to) Earthlink user, since the beginning….
    The #1 issue is Spam. #2: spam. #3 spam. Then worry about other aspects of using email! mho

  10. I receive occasional e-mails which, when viewed via web-mail, are completely blank except for the subject line. When I go home and download them via POP3 into Outlook, the message can be read. These messages always represent a forwarded copy of an e-mail from an individual that uses Incredimail, with added text from the forwarding individual. When they are forwarded by the second individual, the text of the original message is converted into tables (at least that is how they are formatted when I view them in Outlook). Incredimail also attaches antimated cartoons at the bottom of the e-mail, which I suppose could be part of the problem. Interestingly, if the Incredimail user sends me a message directly, I can read it.

  11. DUAL BOOTING WIN 7 and Snow Leopard on my Apple MAC MINI
    Using Apple Modem for Snow Leopard. 10.6.3 to access Earthlink.net
    Using US Robotic 5637 modem for WIN 7 Home Premium, also to access Earthlnk.net
    I want to use ONE modem, the US Robotic 5367, to access Earthlink.net
    And I obviously need some help.

  12. Pretty much all of the same issues I have reported in the past still remain For example, messages still cannot be moved within the message.
    I’ve just stopped reporting these issues because it doesn’t seem to do any good.

  13. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!! For making the font a savable default. I’ve waited a very long time for this option.

  14. Earthlink has been compromised. Accounts have been hacked, and earthlink is not responding very well to concerns. I simply lost my ability to log in to my email account, and when I went on live chat “Joyce” told me that the earthlink fraud department had frozen my account for my protection? I asked numerous times about the security of my financial and communications security and got “call the 888 number”. I have a feeling earthlink may have been seriously compromised, and isn’t up to telling their long-time (and loyal) subscribers?
    Just saying
    Course you won’t get this fr days (if ever as e-link has too approve the post)

  15. I am unable to save my font settings. All of my messages revert to 36 pt and I have to change the font size every time I write a message. I’ve also noticed that the spacing in my messages changes from paragraph to paragraph. I have tried both procedures for saving my settings (click the disk icon and changing the settings in preferences) neither one works. I am a Safari user.

  16. HI, i’ve noticed a problem with ym webmail today. My relative said he emailed me on my earthlink email account, but he said it didn’t work! And then i tried to login to my email today, and it said “Login to mail server failed. Please try again.” So i tried it again, and it still didn’t work! what’s wrong, can can you fix this?

  17. Im having trouble sign in on my earthlink email account when i go to sign in telling me I no longer have an account! Please help me

  18. You say “Please let us know if anything isn’t working right”.
    I and others have been letting you know that things aren’t right for months and nothing has been done about them. Some have been things that used to work and became broken after an update.
    Why is this?

  19. The ability to save preferences for font, size, etc. is a welcome improvement. Thanks.
    Now, when will we be able to create a clickable hyperlink in Firefox?

  20. I have contacted customer service about this problem weeks ago, but they never responded. (Since then, the problem went away until today.)
    The problem is that every time I tried connecting to my Web Mail account today, the connection attempt “times out” and gives me the message: “The server at webmail.earthlink.net is taking too long to respond.” I’ve tried at several hour intervals and get the same message. Do you know a way to set things so that it won’t time out? I use Firefox if that matters. I have several “suspect e-mails” that I’m waiting to approve, so any help you can give will be appreciated. Thanks.

  21. I get the message “Due to in-activity, your session has exspired” ALL the time! Sometimes, while I am online, right after I have been online, after a couple of hours. Doesn’t seem to be any pattern, it’s just there and I have to log in AGAIN! I have gone to the “chat help” thing and even tho the young man tried to help, I really felt like I was in a commercial, where he didn’t understand half of what I was saying, and I was getting nonsense for answers. Why would this be doing such a thing? Happens ALL the time!

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