Which Internet Connection Are You?

Like favorite colors, everyone has an internet connection that fits them best.  Find out which connection YOU are with this fun guide:

You are DIAL-UP if…
…you want internet that is basic, universal, and inexpensive.  Dial-upinternet is a good choice for basic web users.  It isn’t the fastest internet connection available (though EarthLink does provide a free dial-up accelerator that lets you surf up to 7x faster than regular 56K dial-up), but it can be installed into any home in America with a phone line.  And it’s incredibly cost-effective: Prices are as low as $9.95/mo for the first three months!

You are DSL if…
…you need a reliable connection, but require more speed than dial-up (to watch a lot of videos, stream content, etc). DSL internet is up to 100x faster than dial-up access, and is perfect for those who spend a lot of time online.  With low pricing like $14.95/mo for the first three months, it’s also a great value!

You are CABLE if…
…you like to spend a lot of time downloading/uploading content, streaming full-length movies, playing detailed online games, (etc.). Though offers vary by location, a cable internet connection can start at only $29.95/mo, and can be up to 250x faster than dial-up access.  It’s a great solution for people who feel the need for online speed!

(NOTE: if you live in a rural area that doesn’t have access to cable or DSL, but desire more speed than dial-up, EarthLink offers satellite internet to make sure your needs get met!)

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