Workarounds for double-spacing in HTML Compose

Currently when Internet Explorer users compose an HTML message in Web Mail, the Return (Enter) key on the keyboard inserts a paragraph space instead of a single line feed. You are using HTML compose (as opposed to plain text) by default when replying to an HTML message, or if you have started a new message and selected “Color & Graphics” on that screen. This allows formatting the text in your message.
The “doublespace” problem has been reported by a number of users and we intend to get it fixed soon. In the meantime there are a couple of things you can do. The best solution may be to use the Enter key only when you want a new paragraph, and otherwise just allow the compose window to wrap your text automatically as you type. Then it will be single-spaced. Any email viewer your recipient is using is going to wrap the text for them too.
If you need to insert a single line feed, a couple of clever users pointed out on this blog that you can do so by pressing Shift-Enter instead of just the Enter key. That will put in a regular line break instead of a new paragraph. Incidentally, it isn’t actually “double-spacing” as some have referred to the problem; if there were simply two line feeds you could backspace off one of them. You can’t. It is actually an HTML paragraph tag being inserted.
As far as we know the problem does not occur on other browsers, just Internet Explorer. But it will be fixed soon.

8 thoughts on “Workarounds for double-spacing in HTML Compose

  1. Just curious what “But it will be fixed soon” may have meant in this post.
    It’s been 13 months since this was composed & the problem still exists.
    Is there a fix forthcoming? I know it’s not the end of world, just annoying to have to compose offline & paste into a “reply” window

    It is fixed in the new Web Mail which we have been slowly rolling out to all users. You should have it in the next few weeks.
    Email Guy
  2. This problem doesn’t appear to have gone away yet, and it’s been almost 11 months since Email Guy said “soon”. Any fixes on the horizon or has this problem been forgotten about?

    It is fixed in the new Web Mail that is slowly being released now. All users will have it soon.
    Email Guy
  3. I was wondering if anyone else is having the same issues as I when performing spell-check. I am constantly losing my entire message when spell-check is complete. My entire message (including the replied to text, when applicable) spoofs and disappears. I am constantly losing my work, when spell-checking and/or when creating a long message even if I do not use spell-check.
    Additionally, why doesn’t the system warns when it is timing out and give the user the option to continue and/or at the very least automatically same the work to draft?
    Why is it taking earthlink so long to get with the times? Why is earthlink not offering its paying users an elegant and secure environment?
    I am certainly hoping that these problems will be corrected as soon as possible.
    As I mentioned in another post, the address book looks like it was slapped together with old reused code. The graphics in the new environment does not look seamless.
    Are you guys reusing code from some antiquated language that cannot produce graphics?
    I am sure that as your paying client you would want me to be blatantly honest about the environment I am paying dearly for!

  4. Thanks for the explanation….now I know and as G.I. Joe says…that’s half the battle.
    What if I am both? Response to robot or human.

  5. Hello, it’s now almost the end of June, and this particular issue doesn’t seem to have been fixed yet. Could you please let me know if “soon” has any estimated target date?

  6. What is the definition of “soon”?
    The “double spacing problem” has been in effect since WEBMAIL was revised/launched approximately 6 months ago.

  7. Is there away to set my e-mail so that I do not have to type my pass word in all the time ? I’m the only one that uses this computer….Thanks

    Your browser can do that. See this FAQ.
    Email Guy

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