What is the number one thing people do on Independence day … ?

july forth

You might be surprised, but the number one thing people do on Independence Day is EAT!

Make sure you’re prepared with these Top 3 grilling tips for your Fourth of July Cookout

  1. Gas vs. Charcoal? The long-standing debate over which grilling method is “better” involves several variables, from flavor to cost to preference. Charcoal brings out that great smoky flavor no matter what you’re cooking and you can also control the intensity of the flame. On the contrary, gas grills are easier to use, because the heat is manageable and there’s hardly any clean up! There is no right or wrong decision, so choose your preference.
  2.  Turn up the heat! In the hopes that the weather is already nice on the 4th, make it even hotter! The grill that is. Preheat your grill 15 to 20 minutes before you start cooking to make sure it reaches the right temperature for cooking. Your grill should be 400-450°F for high, 300-350°F for medium and 250-300°F for low heat. You know you got it right when you hear that beautiful searing sound once the meat hits the grill.
  3.  The meat isn’t everything- Don’t forget about the side dishes! Potato and pasta salad, coleslaw, fruit, baked beans, the list goes on and on! It doesn’t matter which side dishes you choose to make for your cookout, just make sure you spend time planning for them too as they are just as important as the meat!

Happy 4th of July from EarthLink!

Troubleshooting tips for your DSL Internet connection

We’re always concerned when our customers can’t get the most out of the internet.   As a result of our continuous monitoring, and information that we’ve received from those customers who have reached out to us, we have been able to quickly isolate and address the most common issues that affect performance and connectivity.   We believe that there are no widespread issues on our end at this time but we want to provide some troubleshooting steps that we think may be helpful for our customers who frequently experience connectivity issues.

  1. To make your internet connection as consistent and secure as possible, please follow the steps outlined in the links for Windows Users and for Mac Users
  2. It is critical that all WiFi connections are password protected. This prevents unwanted users from accessing your home network, impacting performance, connectivity and possibly your personal information.
  3. All computers should be protected with anti-virus software (yes, even Macs). There are many free programs available and also those for purchase. EarthLink offers Symantec’s Norton product line for a modest monthly fee, but we mostly want you to know that your computer needs to be protected.  Viruses not only can compromise your computer, but they often can result in poor performance or an inability to get to the internet.
  4. Whatever issue may be impacting your connection, we don’t want you to feel like you’re alone.  If you would like one of our technicians to reach out to you directly, please send us a private message with your account information and your best contact number and we’d be happy to troubleshoot with you.

Status update on weekend DSL Outage in LA this weekend

We are so sorry for the DSL issues in California this weekend. Please know that we’ve been working with AT&T all weekend, but there were multiple equipment failures which extended the duration of the outage. We’ve confirmed that the equipment has been repaired and customers in the affected areas should be able to get back online, however you may need to turn off your modem for 30 seconds in order to reset the connection.

If you are having issues outside California or if power cycling your modem does not fix your issue, please call us at 888-327-8454 with your account information and best contact number so we can work with you to troubleshoot the issue.

We know this has been frustrating for many of you and we appreciate your patience.

EarthLink Position on Heartbleed Bug on Consumer Systems


The Heartbleed bug is a recent vulnerability that has been circulating news articles this week.  EarthLink has validated that we are not using any impacted versions of OpenSSL in our consumer systems like webmail.earthlink.netmyaccount.earthlink.net andmy.earthlink.net.

Please keep in mind that using the same email and password combination for multiple sites can pose a risk if any one of those sites is compromised. We strongly suggest that you choose a unique password for your EarthLink email address that you do not use on any other websites. This will greatly improve the security of your EarthLink account, and thank you for being a customer of EarthLink.