Hosted Voice from EarthLink Business – Why it’s Different

EarthLink Business has created a rich portfolio of offerings that can change your business for the better. We have such a wide range of IT services that any business would be able to utilize us as a one stop shop. We are not the only consulting firm though, so what sets us apart? Here are three reasons to partner with EarthLink Business

  1. Only One Back to Pat – In the world of communications it is rare to partner with a single entity for an entire solution. Often you have to get your voice circuit from one company, the phone system from another and then the people that show up onsite are contracted out from a third business. Here at EarthLink, we own the entire process. From beginning to end, if you have an issue there is just one phone number to call. Your dedicated business relationship manager will help you with anything and everything without making you jump through hoops.
  2. The EarthLink Network is a Step Above the Rest – With any communication service, call quality is the most important component. Almost every provider claims to have QoS (Quality of Service) but that can equate to different variations of the technology. In the end, unless your provider owns the entire connection from beginning to end, they can’t really guarantee the quality of that call if it is not on their network. Additionally, QoS will only take you so far when you start to layer on other technologies. CoS (Class of Service) ( is an offering that is offered by few and far between. EarthLink Business does all of the above and we do it well. Other best effort technology providers may offer you up front savings but if your communication platform quality suffers the loss of revenue will cancel out any savings, tenfold.
  3. Relax, We’ve Done This Before – Over the last several years, we have perfected the process of changing your business with our solutions (particularly Hosted Voice). We now have over 30,000 hosted phones running on our network. Each endpoint (phone) gives it’s user a versatile and flexible way to do business which helps them to be more productive and ultimately more profitable.

When you are ready to change your business for the better, contact your local EarthLink Business representative so that we can help you get there.


Hosted Voice: EarthLink’s Retail Communication Solution

Hosted Voice by EarthLink Business is being applied to the retail vertical more and more. It is a great way to unify any company that has a few to many locations with minimal telephony needs. Since EarthLink has so many options for blended access, we can create a cost effective customized solution that is a good economic fit for any customer and any size retail presence.

EarthLink Business is one of the few providers that can provide COS (Class of Service) over a DSL connection. With this offering, retailers can enjoy a business class connection at an extremely competitive cost. In the past, retail owners would have no way of unifying their store locations because each store would be stuck with a separately-managed, low end communication solution. But with the EarthLink Business Hosted Voice product we can unify all of the stores and provide detailed call accountability through call logs…giving leadership personnel visibility into how their business is functioning. In turn, they are able to fill in the gaps, adjust their dealings appropriately, and increase productivity (which can ultimately increase their profitability). Contact an EarthLink resource today to find out how the EarthLink Hosted Voice product can change the way you do business!

EarthLink Nationwide Hosted Voice: We Sell Solutions, Not Just a Service

EarthLink Nationwide Hosted Voice is here to make your company’s day-to-day easier.

Given all the different business communications options that exist today, a business has to look beyond just the financial costs to understand what they are getting. I have seen some companies meet, greet, sell, and then disappear in a very short period of time. To some resellers, their customers are merely a dollar sign that they are looking to put on their balance sheets before the close of the month.

EarthLink Business wants to truly understand the way that you do business in order for us to become a trusted advisor. We always get excited about the opportunity to not only partner with new businesses but the chance to improve the way they conduct their day to day. As part of our process, we do a very deep dive into a company’s way of life. Standard procedure is for one of our reps to visit one or two of an organization’s locations and spend time with the people that utilize the phone system the most. Often some details are lost at the executive level of a company. It only makes sense that we understand the receptions’ day to day and the call center employees’ likes and dislikes of their current environment.

Once we truly understand how the business functions, then we are able to create a custom offering for the customer. We will enter the meeting with solutions for some problems that a customer may not even know they had. EarthLink Business wants to partner with its customers for a long time to come and this is one of the key components that set us apart. If we were just to look at a telephone bill, there would be no way to truly understand the company and how we can best help them.

I don’t know what component(s) of our product will change your business for the better, but I can tell you this….We have yet to find a situation that we didn’t cause a vastly positive effect. Reach out to us today!

EarthLink Hosted Voice: Profitability through Productivity

The EarthLink Hosted Voice product can help businesses of all shapes and sizes. We have helped the “mom and pop” store change the way they conduct their day-to-day, and we have improved the functionality of huge corporate entities with hundreds of locations. Every situation the EarthLink team comes across is different, but the result is always the same: increased communication productivity.

We have seen some of our customers have a huge increase in revenue because of the way our hosted voice product is applied to their day to day life. Sure it is important to always get your incoming phone calls, but what about the other pieces… Before we can fill in the gaps, we first have to identify where in the problems lie. Is there a certain time of day that we don’t have enough coverage? Are there certain employees that have a need for extended communication capabilities? How much business are we losing because of these (previously unnoticed) problems??

The EarthLink Hosted Voice product includes detailed call accountability at no additional cost. A network admin can pull the call statistics for an individual employee or the entire company, at any time. This information can then be sorted and displayed in charts and graphs which can be a powerful tool to give your executives an insight into their business performance.

We came across a pizza company that realized that they were missing out on business during Fridays and Saturdays because their antiquated phone system couldn’t handle the amount of incoming call flow during these high volume periods. After our solution engineers were able to evaluate their business we were able to come up with a solution that increased their profitability by 20% in the first month! We suggested that the owner higher a few people to take orders during those busy times. Those extra people received a  phone at their personal homes and they were able to handle the extra call flow by entering the additional orders on the website. Since the employees were remote and only needed to work limited hours this turned out to be a great solution which lead to increased profitability with only a minimal investment.

This is only one of the many customer integrations that our solutions engineers have created for our customers. Typically our suggestions don’t require any additional investment. Simply the correct programming of our feature rich solution will revolutionize your business. Our solution engineers would love the opportunity to evaluate your business in order to see if we can do the same for you. Visit EarthLink’s Hosted Voice customer resources page and contact us for a site evaluation today!