Dial-Up Internet Connection Tips

Sure, EarthLink’s Dial-Up Internet service is fast and reliable. But at some point you may experience a problem connecting.

The good news: most dial-up connection problems are very simple to resolve. The following 5 tips may even seem too simple, but you really should try them if you ever have trouble connecting, because they quickly fix the majority of dial-up Internet connection issues.

  • Wait a few minutes

    If you’ve been able to connect to the Internet before and haven’t changed anything, then the problem may clear up on its own after just a few minutes. Trust us, it happens.

  • Undo what you just did

    If you did recently make a change to your computer (installing software, changing cables, etc.) or Internet settings and you can no longer connect, undo those changes and try again.

  • Check all cords and cables

    Is the phone line you use for your dial-up Internet connection securely plugged in to both the modem and the wall jack? Are all connections to your computer and the modem’s power source snug? Even if you know they were secure before, check again because sometimes cords get pulled out accidentally.

  • Double check your email address and password

    Your email address and password are both case sensitive, so ensure that your Caps Lock is off and retype both before you try to connect to the Internet.  If you’re an EarthLink customer and have forgotten your password (and can connect to the Internet on another computer or mobile device) you can reset reset your password here: https://myaccount.earthlink.net/cam/passmain.jsp  Please note that your new password may take up to 20 minutes to activate in our system.

  • Restart your computer

    Turn your computer off, wait for 30 seconds, then turn it on and try connecting again. This simple strategy is called “power cycling” and is quite effective at resolving connection problems.

 If You Still Can’t Connect

  • If you can get on the Internet from a different computer, mobile phone or other device, visit our Network Outages page to see if there are known problems with the network. If there is a known outage you will often see a timeframe posted to let you know when you should try again.
  • If you’ve tried the solutions above, but your dial-up Internet connection still isn’t working, try using a different computer to chat online with a live EarthLink representative at: support.earthlink.net/chat


3 thoughts on “Dial-Up Internet Connection Tips

  1. Yo have done nothing to improve dial-up services for people in rural areas who can not get internet connections. Sattelite download is not practical, and phone lines in these area still border on the primitive. You need to come up with a solution in this type of service. Partner with phone companies or something, but I am not going to pay a phone company for a phone line, and then for their internet service… if I am already subscribed to Earthlink. And… why do yo play games forme to submit a comment by guessing symnbols that I cna not recognize mostot fht time? Do you detest comments that much that you have to make it hard for your customers to communicate with you? I had to sift through 30 of these ridiculous patterns and waste time just to send you this note!

  2. There are several simple free ways to speed up dial up Internet browsing that are commonly overlooked. Also, there is a huge difference between a faster modem and faster Internet. Take a look at the suggestions below. If you don’t have local access to DSL or broadband, these tips can help you deal with slow dial up networking regardless of the modem connection speed,so Dialup connection is required more speed.

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