EarthLink Nationwide Hosted Voice: We Sell Solutions, Not Just a Service

EarthLink Nationwide Hosted Voice is here to make your company’s day-to-day easier.

Given all the different business communications options that exist today, a business has to look beyond just the financial costs to understand what they are getting. I have seen some companies meet, greet, sell, and then disappear in a very short period of time. To some resellers, their customers are merely a dollar sign that they are looking to put on their balance sheets before the close of the month.

EarthLink Business wants to truly understand the way that you do business in order for us to become a trusted advisor. We always get excited about the opportunity to not only partner with new businesses but the chance to improve the way they conduct their day to day. As part of our process, we do a very deep dive into a company’s way of life. Standard procedure is for one of our reps to visit one or two of an organization’s locations and spend time with the people that utilize the phone system the most. Often some details are lost at the executive level of a company. It only makes sense that we understand the receptions’ day to day and the call center employees’ likes and dislikes of their current environment.

Once we truly understand how the business functions, then we are able to create a custom offering for the customer. We will enter the meeting with solutions for some problems that a customer may not even know they had. EarthLink Business wants to partner with its customers for a long time to come and this is one of the key components that set us apart. If we were just to look at a telephone bill, there would be no way to truly understand the company and how we can best help them.

I don’t know what component(s) of our product will change your business for the better, but I can tell you this….We have yet to find a situation that we didn’t cause a vastly positive effect. Reach out to us today!

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