Managing Your Website with the EarthLink Web Hosting Control Center

Web Hosting Control Center - manage your websiteToday’s post is to help EarthLink Web Hosting customers manage their websites. Specifically, we’re going to review the many things you can do from the Manage Site section of your Web Hosting Control Center.

To get there, simply sign in at and click the Manage Site tab.

  1. Custom Error Page: Click here to create custom error pages for the most common types of web page errors. Give your visitors a more consistent experience on your website.
  2. IP Blocker: Use this tool if you want to block access to your website from a particular IP address or network.
  3. File Manager Pro: Use this tool to copy, move, edit, rename, and delete files; create and remove directories; change file or folder permissions.
  4. MySQL Database Manager: This PHP tool helps you install the MySQL Database Manager, which lets you handle the administration of your website’s MySQL databases using a web browser.
  5. MSSQL Database Manager: Create, view, delete and back up your MSSQL databases. Control database security and Whitelist IPs.
  6. File Restore: Restore your website content to a previous state by choosing a time period (such as 1 hour, 1 day, etc.). Note: we strongly recommend you also always keep local copies of your website content.
  7. Website Security: This tool makes it simple to restrict access to part of your website (specific website directories) and grant access by username/password or hostname/IP address.
  8. Secure Shell: Only for advanced users with some knowledge of UNIX. If you have an SSH Client on your computer, you can use this tool a secure way to log into another computer over a network, to execute commands in a remote machine and to move files from one machine to another.
  9. MIME Types: If you have noticed that browsers are not recognizing an extension for a file used on your website, you can use this tool to change or remove the MIME type.
  10. SSL Manager: This tool makes it easy for you to purchase, control, and load SSL security certificates to your website.
  11. MS FrontPage: Microsoft FrontPage is a popular HTML editor or website building program that requires special FrontPage extensions on your website. This tool allows you to install or remove FrontPage extensions or change the FrontPage admin password.
  12. Manage DSN: You can create MSSQL, MySQL or MS Access Data Source Names using this tool. Before doing so you will need to upload the MS Access file to the server.
  13. Urchin: Get detailed analytics for your website: sources of traffic, top keywords, top campaigns, unique visitors, visitor segments, bounce rates, time on site, depth of visit, engagement, top entry and exit points, and much more.
  14. Windows Services: This tool makes it simple to enable Windows services such as ASP,, and ColdFusion MX for your website.
  15. PHPMyAdmin: Install (or uninstall) phpMyAdmin, which is an open source application, for the advanced management of MYSQL databases.
  16. Change Log: Can’t remember when you added a database, created a new email address, or changed a password? The Change Log lets you quickly and easily view all the activity on your domain account.
  17. Data Transfer Settings: Control what happens if your website ever reaches its monthly data transfer (bandwidth) limit. You can also set an email alert to be sent when you hit 80% (or any percentage) of your bandwidth.

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