Successfully Getting Your Business Online, Part 1

Welcome to the first article in our three part series “Successfully Getting Your Business Online”

Part 1: Domain Names, URLs, and Email Addresses

Part 2: Proper Branding and Web Design

Part 3: Customer Needs Determine Site Functionality

The first thing to focus on when getting your business online is choosing the best domain name possible.  Your domain name is the branded portion of the URL people will type into their web browser to visit you.  For example, “earthlink” is the branded portion (the domain) of the full URL (or web address)

First try to pick the “.com” that fits your business name exactly.  For instance, if you own “My Example Business,” it would be ideal to own

“”.  But know that, often, domain names are already claimed (search for domain names HERE!), so you might have to get creative.  If you do get creative, make sure to still chose a domain/URL your customers will easily remember, such as “” or “”.

HINT: If a “.com” is unavailable, feel free to pick a “.net” (EarthLink is a ‘net!) or other ending…just make sure to clearly advertize it, since we default to typing “.com”

HINT 2: If you can, buy the same domain (“www.MyExampleBusiness”) with multiple endings (.com, .net, .org) and have your web hosting provider “point” them to each other.  (EarthLink does this…if you type in, you’ll be redirected to!)

Once you have your domain name/URL, it needs to be hosted somewhere, since having your site hosted is what allows people to visit it!  When you get a hosting plan, decide if you want to include business email addresses as part of the hosting.  Including business email in your hosting package would allow you to have your email reflect your url (ex., which customers love!

Check out EarthLink’s pricing options to register a domain name and get started with web hosting/company email!

And return next week for part 2 of this article!

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