Your Business Website: Who Should Design It?

Unless you’re a professional or advanced web programmer and designer, getting a website for your business (or hobby) can seem like an impossibly difficult task.  The first step is always getting a URL and a hosting plan, but once that’s completed…how do you get an actual functioning design live and online?  Traditionally, the answer was “Spend money on a professional designer.”  But now EarthLink offers professional or do-it-yourself web design as a part of it’s web hosting product, so there are two additional choices.  Which is right for you?   Here are the pros and cons of your choices:

Independent Designer / Design Firm


  • Design is their only product (so it’s likely good!)


  • It could be difficult to get one-on-one time
  • Turn-around may be slow
  • This is the highest-priced option
  • Designers may have an esthetic they don’t like to deviate from

Designers Within Your Web Hosting Company


  • They are invested in your business (for example, EarthLink offers web design services to compliment their web hosting plans, and prefer to support you in all areas instead of only supporting hosting)
  • They have incentive to keep you as a client (ex. If a designer loses your business, he only loses your deign business; if a hosting company loses your design business, they will probably also lose your hosting business!)
  • Pricing is lower than design-only options
  • Other services (such as internet marketing) can also be added to your account (and costs are cheaper bundled!)


  • Turn around time may be slower than desired

Yourself, With Easy-to-Use Tools


  • EarthLink offers tools (ex.Net Objects Fusion) that let you to create your own website on your own time with no design experience required
  • Turn around time is up to you (and you can alter it at your discretion)
  • This is the most affordable of your options


  • You will spend a little bit of time learning how to use your chosen tool(s)

What option is the right fit for your business?

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